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About the project

Opus has joined the Reading Rooms Network – a group of activists that run book events across the UK with Pluto Press authors, funded by long time supporters of Opus, SHED. Our first event launched in March 2024 to support a book tour by Sophie K Rosa called 'Radical Intimacy'. 


The organisations involved share a common goal – to support and empower people within their communities. The Reading Room opens up forums to debate local issues that affect everyday lives. Taking the lead from our communities, these topics include inequality, the environment, precarious employment, LGBTQ+ issues, structural racism and much more.

People working on this project

Joe Kriss, Phia Davenport

Funded by

SHED / Necessity

Partner orgs

Pluto Press, Left Book Club

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7 March 2024

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6 March 2024

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5 March 2024

Photo credit: Rachel Rae

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