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Opus gig at Abbeydale Picture House - King Capisce - September 2017 - Photo by Jon Butters


How you can support us

Opus is part of Sheffield’s long radical history. Over the past 15 years our worked-owned organisation has been a force for good, in Sheffield and across the UK. We create the tools that allow thousands of people to take action on poverty, marginalisation, climate breakdown and democratic renewal.

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Our organisation is equitable, diverse and fair. We’re non-hierarchical, anti-racist and not-for-profit. We’re member-led and worker-owned, and we pay each other the same wage – above the real living wage. Every day we work to change the world we all live in for the better, through projects like Now Then, Festival of Debate and the UBI Lab Network.

The pandemic created an opportunity to speed up the transition to a fairer, liberated and more caring society. But we can’t do this alone – we need your support.

  • We need your support for our hyperlocal, citizen-led online magazine Now Then, which reaches 10,000 people (and counting) every month.

  • We need your support for our campaign for a Universal Basic Income, which would reduce inequality and end absolute poverty in the UK.

  • We need your support for Festival of Debate, which brings thousands of people together to find common ground and solutions to the challenges we all face.

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We create and work on projects which engage with systemic problems. We need your support to sustain and grow, to increase our impact and to make a difference.


pays for a month’s worth of coffee for the Opus office.


pays for an article to be written and published by a community correspondent.


pays for a day’s work campaigning for a Universal Basic Income, which would end absolute poverty in the UK.


pays for a Festival of Debate event to be delivered, bringing citizens together to find common ground.

Opus team working

We also


  • Incubate campaign groups which we believe have the potential to radically change the world we live in for the better, like the UBI Lab Network.

  • Undertake research projects in collaboration with other organisations, like South Yorkshire’s Mayor.

  • Hold trustee and board positions with Voluntary Action Sheffield, Citizen Network, and the Independent Media Association.

We’re passionate about finding upstream solutions to complex social, political, economic and environmental problems. We recognise this is a long-term and systemic approach to social change. That’s why we create platforms that champion social causes, independent businesses, not-for-profits, emerging talent, active citizenship and community participation.

- Your Voice. Your Community. Your Opus. -

Help us. Join us.

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Photo credit: Jon Butters

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