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Give Over is a project that uses border abolition to reframe media reporting of refugees and immigration more broadly. We’re funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and coordinated by Opus. We use theories and practices of abolition to explore how local media, including our publishing platform Now Then Magazine, can strategically initiate conversations with a focus on narrative change.

We use workshops, archival work, and local reporting to challenge white supremacist and racist attitudes to global movement. We want to push people from a point of "refugees welcome" to a point of understanding the violence required in order to maintain borders. The project demonstrates how an abolitionist lens re-makes journalistic practice into a community growth endeavour rooted in solidarity, anti-racism, and the dismantling of borders.

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Latest update

Latest updates

We have now closed our call for artist commissions, and are currently working on a number of pieces alongside journalists exploring borders and abolition:

13 May 2024

We ran two events as part of the Festival of Debate this year - one on The University of Sheffield’s links to the arms trade, and a workshop facilitated by Green and Black Cross on knowing your rights at a protest.

20 April 2024

We ran a panel event in London about conditional Western solidarity, and Western journalists’ abandonment of Palestine - a digested version is available here:

9 March 2024

Illustration credit: Ruth Tay 

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