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About the project

The People’s Newsroom is a hub that creates learning and action for people and organisations to face the many interlinked crises that stand in front of us with imagination, vision and new processes for returning stories and storytelling to our communities. It brings together mission-led organisations to learn storytelling techniques for transitions by bringing a systemic, complexity and transitions lens to discourse through honest conversations in a distributed network of publishers. 


The stories we tell each other inform what is possible between us and enable us to see new ways of relating and being in the world, with one another and with nature.


At the heart of this motivation is the centering of, and leadership from those, who have been harmed by systems of oppression, including by the media itself. 

The People’s Newsroom is taking our experiences, stories and knowledge and using them for connection, healing and power building. We reject extractive ‘content creation’ that co-opts and commercialises these community assets for profit, power and the maintenance of the status quo.


We know it is possible to have a thriving, diverse, locally-and-community-owned-and-led information ecosystem. We believe it is possible to generate values-driven, therapeutic, possibility-oriented and power-building stories. We know that together, we can build a movement that transitions us to an information ecosystem that serves us collectively at local, national and planetary levels.  

The first cohort was established in  August 2023.

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Latest update

Latest updates

We received funding from the Mycelium Fund which we will use to develop resources on our AM channel:

20 May 2024

We held a collective storytelling session on 2nd May, focusing on the question ‘What is the shared story that we want to tell?’

20 May 2024

On 9 April, we held our third learning session, co-facilitated with Civic Square. The cohort heard about how they use Doughnut Economics in their neighbourhood organising, and the group explored how tools for thinking about living within planetary limits relate to storytelling.

20 May 2024

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