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UBI Lab Network

About the project

“Basic Income doesn’t solve every problem. But it makes every problem easier to solve.” 

  ~ Sandhya Anantharaman


What is Universal Basic Income? 


Universal Basic Income, or UBI, is a simple concept based on the premise that everyone has a basic entitlement to the means to live. UBI is a regular and unconditional payment given to everyone every week or every month. No strings attached. Everyone receives it regardless of income, wealth or work. It guarantees a basic level of financial security for everyone, making sure nobody in society falls through the cracks. 


The UBI Lab Network supports a worldwide decentralised network of citizens, researchers, and activists working to build a more just society by exploring and advocating for the potential of UBI as the foundation for tackling the challenges we face as individuals, communities, society, and as a planet. We span over 10 countries, with 200+ members, supported by 250+ elected representatives, and a host of volunteers and supporters providing time and resources to specific projects.


The UBI Lab Network  is working towards making a basic income a reality through creating a movement for change across the world from Northern Ireland to Buenos Aires, Finland to Kenya, Sheffield, Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool, from Jakarta to Washington DC. As well as borderless, thematic Labs representing: Youth, Women, Arts, Disability, LGBTQ+ and Food. See the full list of UBI Lab Network groups here.


The Network has been effective in securing endorsements from leading economists, MPs, peers, public figures, local authorities, think tanks, and significant numbers of the public. We have formed the first ever Cross Party Parliamentary and Local Government Group on UBI, successfully lobbied the Welsh Government to announce the first pilot in the UK and raised £100,000 to deliver the first ever feasibility study into ‘UBI as a Peace Dividend’ in Northern Ireland.  


As the Network grows and finds further footholds, especially in nations outside the UK, our capacity to share and develop our learning, make connections, and co-design projects and campaigns while genuinely affecting change will increase exponentially. UBI is a policy of participation, an idea which seeks to increase everyone’s capacity to be involved and contribute to the problems that we collectively face.

Latest updates

UBI Lab Manchester hosted an online event: Tackling Homelessness with Unconditional Cash Transfers, which can be viewed in full here:

20 May 2024

UBI Lab Manchester persuaded Andy Burnham to put a UBI Pledge in his Manifesto:
"we believe the logical next step, after the success of our Housing First pilot is to bring forward a Basic Income pilot":

20 May 2024

We are currently working on an updated UBI Lab Network strategy, which will be published soon.

20 May 2024

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