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Amala Anyika

I joined the Opus Heart Board because the work of Opus stretches across and beyond Sheffield, and I wanted to be part of it too. I first encountered Opus professionally through the Festival of Debate. Their advocacy role in creating and supporting change, debate, community, citizenship, democracy and local economies resonated throughout the Festival, as well as throughout the work of Opus.

I have a background in the charity sector, especially in communications and working with volunteers. I am from Sheffield and have spent most of my life living here, but I am continually amazed by the crucial and life-changing work that charities and volunteers do across the city.

I chose to return to academia after a while away. At the moment I’m studying and working in two areas that don’t really have anything in common, except that I enjoy them both but in different ways. For my MA at the University of Sheffield I’m focusing on civil war, ethnic conflict, decolonisation, the British Empire and the learning of history in relation to the Nigeria-Biafra War/Biafra War (1967-1970). There are so many areas of history related to British colonisation and imperialism that are often ignored or hidden, and I think it’s really important to bring attention to this through my research. While doing this I’m working in communications, marketing, project management and collaborations for an independent craft business.

So everything I’ve done or that I’m doing seems to be linked to Opus’ work – charity, community, volunteering, bringing attention to under-represented and hidden voices, and working for an independent brand. Opus does so much, and I think part of my role is to get more people and communities involved.

Amala Anyika
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