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Ola Fagbohun

“The better you are at understanding and influencing behaviour, the better you’ll be at business”

– Adam Ferrier

Over the last 25 years, I have used my extensive knowledge, skills and experience in marketing research and consumer psychology to help diverse private and public sector organisations strategically, practically and effectively monitor, track and apply behavioural change insights. Insights that have helped organisations to better understand and respond to factors that influence the mindset and behaviour of their diverse customers, employees (current and potential) and decision makers.

In essence, I show organisations how to inclusively and ethically use behavioural change insights to shape and change behaviour that:

  • Effectively attracts, engages and retains customers and employees

  • Enables informed strategic decision-making

  • Provides a competitive edge, and more

These days, I’m focusing on fighting health inequalities, through volunteering, as a trustee of Sheffield Occupational Health Association, a member of the Patient Engagement Committee of Findacure (a rare disease support organisation), a Macmillan cancer well-being coach and a member of Sheffield and Hallamshire Football Association Inclusion Group; and through my new social health and wellness (person-centred and culturally-relevant) behaviour change coaching business. The goal of this chapter of my life is to provide and/or enable access for all (i.e. people whose voices are often under-represented, overlooked and under-valued) to a creative, engaging and motivating experience, leading to practical and sustainable behaviour change that results in improved physical, emotional and mental health and well-being.

Finally, I am excited to be a member of the Opus Head Board, and I look forward to connecting with and learning from others on the various Opus boards, as well as sharing my diverse experience to help Opus ethically, sustainably and profitably grow.

Ola Fagbohun
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