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Fir Vale Conversations

About the project

Fir Vale Conversations was a project funded by The People’s Health Trust and delivered in collaboration with the Fir Vale Community Hub. The aim was to enable collective control where ideas are created and shaped by the local community, by involving participants in project design, delivery and development. The project further aimed to foster and strengthen social links and ties by giving participants the opportunity to meet regularly and get to know each other. 20 community members attended monthly meetings and hosted community events in the Fir Vale area of Sheffield. The project was delivered over 14 months and came to a close in April 2023.
During the project, participants facilitated the following:

  • 14 monthly community group meetings

  • 6 pop-up engagement events

  • 2 public consultation events

  • 2 newsletters

  • Public ballots for wider consultation


In addition to the 20 regular participants, the project reached a further group of 600 people over its lifetime.

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