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About the project

Growing the foundations for a new kind of planetary-scale governance


“I am quite confident that even as the oceans boil, and the hurricanes beat violently against our once safe shores … that there is a path to take that has nothing to do with victory or defeat: a place we do not yet know the coordinates to; a question we do not yet know how to ask” - Bayo Akomolafe


Foundations Earth is a globally distributed team, working together in pursuit of a common mission: to cohere responses to foundational problems and to grow the foundations for a new kind of planetary-scale governance. 

This involves acknowledging the systems and paradigms that cannot sustain life on Earth, and exploring the emergence of alternatives that offer us new possibilities.

Foundations Earth is fiscally hosted by Climate 2025, whilst the Opus team is currently responsible for contributing to the development of strategic plans, storytelling and post-production and situating the themes and learning of this work in Sheffield.

Context and Purpose 

As today’s planetary-scale problems intensify, so too do the reactions they elicit - mistrust and social breakdown, authoritarian governance, a retreat to comfort and certainty… 

We seek to nurture the capacities and capabilities needed for people to confront the root causes of these problems, and then create new systems for a world beyond the poly-crisis.


Foundations Earth works in the following areas 

  • Holding brave spaces for people to experience new ways of being and working together 

  • Weaving innovative projects across boundaries for new and diverse collaborations

  • Publishing new stories about the alternatives that are emerging


We create: 


  • For participants to learn about the systemic roots of problems and the foundations for new systems. 

  • We blend theories and practices from deep ecology, intersectional justice and regenerative design to create transformative learning experiences.


  • For innovators, activists and artists to build new systems together across old boundaries.

  • We identify high-leverage interventions and then weave together different groups to work on new interdisciplinary projects.  


  • For readers and listeners to be inspired by the possibilities others are working on around the world. 

  • We interview active members of communities about their projects and hopes for the future, highlighting the personal side of systemic change.

“It is becoming increasingly clear that the scale of the challenge we face requires us to make deep transformational changes on a planetary scale. The new planetary scale innovations are going to be vital in making a just transition. Foundations Earth is a unique place to advance both the planetary and relational transformation necessary” - Indy Johar, Co-Founder of Dark Matter Labs

Our top three impacts & indicators

  • Participants in our workshops feel better equipped to respond to systemic problems - measured using participant survey data + number of new projects

  • Our projects have connected people across borders to share challenges and explore opportunities for broader and deeper impact - measured by the number of inter-regional meetings + facilitator survey data

  • The field of planetary systems change has grown and diversified - measured by the geographic spread of stories + number of mentions online




It’s 2028 - our planet’s carbon budget has just been exceeded, nation-states are fighting over diminishing resources, and existing systems are continuing to collapse. 

At the same time, place-based communities across Asia and Europe are growing and connected with each other, sharing challenges and opportunities, and forming a mycelial web that transcends old borders.

Within these communities, members are experimenting with new ways to represent the voices of the more-than-human and more-than-local - making decisions for present and future generations that are both inclusive and effective.

Slowly but surely, the foundations for a new kind of planetary-scale governance are emerging.

Who we’re looking to work with

  • Financial partners: who are serious about equitably distributing resources and scaling this work (budgets available upon request).

  • Knowledge partners: who can bring diverse experience and expertise to the conversation.

  • Delivery partners: who want to collaborate to deliver projects in-place.

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Latest updates

We are currently working on plans for a rights of nature podcast, ‘More than Human’, with a pilot episode upcoming.

20 May 2024

In the most recent article in our Possibilities Emerging series, we spoke to Tchiyiwe Chihana: "I don't know if there's anything more powerful than communities coming together around storytelling":

20 May 2024

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