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Neepsend Kelham Island

It’s Our Community

About the project

Between 2021 and 2023, Opus supported Citizen Network to research and develop a new progressive vision for social care. The core principles guiding this work were:

  • Neighbourhood Focused – organised to support foster inclusive and welcoming neighbourhoods where everyone’s contribution is recognised and supported.

  • People Powered – creating respectful relationships and encouraging peer support and neighbourliness, backed up by responsive professional support

  • Human Rights Based – giving people who need support freedom, clear entitlements and the ability to participate and contribute in the way that works best for them

  • Economically Secure – with no means-testing and proper levels of funding to enable full contribution and fair incomes for everyone

Citizen Network is supporting disabled people, families, community groups to develop this vision in partnership with the City of Sheffield and sharing its learning nationally and globally through Citizen Network.

Partner organisations

Photo credit: Rachel Rae

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