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About the project

The Neighbourhood Democracy Movement (NDM) is a network of groups and individuals who are trying to deepen democracy at a local level. From the COVID-19 crisis in 2020, NDM enables those working on the ground to exchange information, get inspired and find new tools for self-organising.

We are part of a growing movement around the world for deepening democracy, and for creating spaces in local communities where citizens can discuss and co-design their futures. We believe that there are better ways of living on this planet. Members of the NDM show that another world is possible.


We’re creating a space for people working in communities to meet each other, and share ideas and experience about what works and what doesn’t. By coming together to tackle common problems, we can be bigger than the sum of our parts. We can be a powerful movement for change.


Let's win back our neighbourhoods.

The NDM is hosted by Opus and Citizen Network. Opus was one of the founding members of NDM and provides strategic input, administrative support and manages the NDM website.

After a brief hiatus, the team at NDM are currently working with a range of partners on bringing  a Fearless Cities summit together for South Yorkshire in November 2024. This will be the first Fearless Cities event held in the UK. Our hope is that this will provide the opportunity for many people around the world working in neighbourhoods and beyond to share their experiences and practice. 

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Angelina Kussy

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Citizen Network

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Opus and Citizen Network

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We are helping to organise the first Fearless Cities summit since 2022, with programming work currently underway:

20 May 2024

Photo credit: Rachel Rae

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