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Living in Sheffield means different things to different people but we share a lot in common. 

The Sheffield City Goals aim to bring these different meanings together so everyone, no matter who they are or where they come from, can live well and be part of Sheffield's story on terms that make sense to them.

They aren’t meant to offer solutions to the problems we face, but instead serve as Sheffield’s ‘North Stars’ for where we’re trying to get to. 

They are a platform for anyone and everyone - city & regional institutions, businesses, charity & community organisations and individual citizens - to play a role in tackling the challenges we face and making change happen in Sheffield. They provide a direction of travel that allows anyone who cares about Sheffield to be a part of building a city that learns from its past, addresses challenges in its present, celebrates its people and nurtures their future. 

Opus, Citizen Network, ARUP and Dark Matter Labs make up the delivery team. A group of organisations from the City Partnership Board alongside other community organisations and representation from the legacy race equality group make up the task and finish group for this work.

The City Goals were finalised in late 2023 and endorsed by anchor institutions including Sheffield City Council in January 2024. Work now begins on making the goals a reality. For an update on the City goals please see this article in in Now Then Magazine.  

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Latest update

Latest updates

This piece, published by Now Then magazine, explores the goals and how they seek to provide a framework towards a fairer, greener and more democratic Sheffield:

21 February 2024

We have now published Sheffield’s City Goals in full, which can be viewed here:

20 February 2024

Photo credit: Rachel Rae

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