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The River Don as a ‘place’ in which the compounding challenges we face intersect, is perfectly situated. Through the River Dôn Project we intend to demonstrate how our ontologies and civic infrastructures can be shifted from a world view of separation to one of relational, multi-agent interdependence. 


We intend to demonstrate how systems of governance, value and public discourse could be reoriented to enable a holistic understanding of the social and ecological costs of externalities and the long-term risks created through the superseding of planetary boundaries. We intend to demonstrate how the rights of nature could be incorporated into new civic infrastructures and nurture the transitions ahead.

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Latest update

Latest updates

We are working on a series of generative interviews entitled Right to Thrive, exploring local people’s connections to the River Dôn, which will be published in Now Then magazine:

20 May 2024

On 14 May, we hosted How Can the River Dôn Ask For Help? at Weston Park Museum, exploring the agency & voice of critical commons such as the River Dôn:

14 May 2024

On 25 April, the River Dôn Project took part in Perceiving Climate Change #2, part of a series hosted by Sheffield Hallam University’s Space and Place Group:

25 April 2024

Photo credit: Andy Brown

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